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farrell custom woodwork

Our millwork projects are a blend of artisanal precision and contemporary design. From custom cabinetry and elegant paneling to innovative storage solutions, each piece is meticulously crafted to redefine spaces. With a focus on sustainability and tailored aesthetics, we create modern pieces that stand the test of time, enhancing the essence of every environment. Explore the possibilities of millwork with us—where craftsmanship meets artistry, and where every detail speaks of excellence.


West Van Residence

West Coast modern architecture at its best. It was a pleasure to work on the millwork for this finely crafted West Vancouver home. The modern and minimalist design by Darrell J. Epp, is an unparalleled design with sleek bespoke finishes throughout.


West Coast modern architecture at its best. It was a pleasure to work on the millwork for this finely crafted West Vancouver home. The modern and minimalist design by Darrell J. Epp, is an unparalleled design with sleek bespoke finishes throughout.


Salt Spring Residence

A minimal design kitchen for your Salt Spring house embodies simplicity and elegance, embracing the essence of uncluttered sophistication. The focal point is a sleek, streamlined layout with clean lines and a neutral color palette, using whites, oak veneer, soft earth tones to create an open, airy atmosphere.

West 38th Residence.jpg

West 38th Residence

The interior of the West 38th residence, designed by Pure Design, showcases a stunning fusion of contemporary aesthetics with washed oak finishes. 


Athena Residence

“The Millwork package within the revocation project, envisioned and crafted under the artistic guidance of Studio Balcen Kwan Architects, seamlessly melds traditional concepts with modern precision. Every intricately designed element showcases meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Built by: Adisa Homes

Photography: Upperleft Photography


West 14th Residence

West 14th project, curated by the visionary team at MTW Design, epitomizes a seamless blend of modern innovation and refined aesthetics. Showcasing the design prowess and ingenuity of MTW Design.


Feiz Residence

A luxurious interior designed by Victor Eric Design featuring walnut showcases opulence and refinement. Walnut, a luxurious and rich wood, is meticulously incorporated to elevate the space, exuding a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

Built by: Macanta Construction


West 1st Residence

A modern kitchen design by BattersbyHowat Architects is a contemporary masterpiece that embodies their hallmark style of clean lines, functional elegance, and innovative use of space. 


West 40th Residence

West 40th project crafted by Nyhoff Architecture, the delicate dance between modernity and tradition is a hallmark of their design ethos. This architectural marvel seamlessly fuses the timeless charm of traditional aesthetics with the sleek lines and innovative elements of modern design.

Built by: Macanta Construction


Tupper Residence

Tupper House embodies the essence of timeless design, offering a welcoming and cozy space where the beauty of tradition is celebrated in every detail.


Village Bloomery 

The Village Bloomery – Designed by Mario Paredes of Workbench Barcelona Design, and located in the heart of Vancouver’s iconic Waterfall Building. Paredes’ vision along with our unique finishes on white oak and bleached maple, highlight the architectural concrete work by Arthur Erickson.

Poke Bar.jpg

Poke Five, East Van

The interior of Poke Five Bar, designed by PlaidFox Studio, reflects a contemporary and vibrant atmosphere. The space features a carefully curated blend of modern and costal inspried elements, emboding the essence of a beach-side Poke experience. 


Smile Studio, Yaletown 

The collaboration between BattersbyHowat Architects and Adisa Homes ensures a flawless execution of the design, bringing to life a commercial space that stands as a prime example of contemporary architecture and thoughtful construction in the bustling realm of business and creativity.


Plastic Bank, Granville Island

The Plastic Bank, a significant commercial project, was impeccably designed by Pure Design, known for their innovative and purpose-driven approach. The project embodies a mission of sustainability and environmental consciousness, seamlessly integrating functionality with a conscientious aesthetic.

Bike Shop Photo.jpg

Vancity Bikes, Waterfront Station

Van City Bikes showcased custom--designed wooden fixtures and displays seamlessly integrated with modern industrial design, and a blend of natural textures and clean lines. Designed by Curate Design


Blunt, North Vancouver

Supplying the custom Millwork for "Blunt" cannabis retail store designed by Rohe Studio epitomizes the seamless integration of craftsmanship and the cannabis aesthetic. Our expertly crafted millwork employs premium, responsibly sourced materials, showcasing a balance between form and function. The design seamlessly aligns with Rohe Studio's vision, enhancing the store's atmosphere and allowing for optimal product presentation. The millwork's organic yet contemporary design, along with carefully considered shelving and display features, harmoniously blend with the store's theme, setting a new standard for cannabis retail environments.


Bonus Bakery, West Georgia 

Supplying the custom Millwork for Bonus Bakery involves a meticulous process to ensure the space aligns with the bakery’s modern, inviting theme.

The Millwork integrates seamlessly into the design, encompassing bespoke counters, display units, and shelving tailored to showcase the bakery’s products elegantly.

Bonus Bakery involves crafting specialized woodwork that not only complements the bakery’s design but also enhances its functionality, creating an appealing and efficient space for both staff and customers.


Parkland Lodge, Alberta 

“Welcome to our showcase of bespoke Millwork at Parkland Lodge in Alberta, a testament to our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and tailored design for senior living spaces. Partnering with Blueleaf Care, we crafted and supplied custom Millwork to enhance this retirement home, offering a blend of functional elegance and accessibility. Explore how our precision woodworking, warm wood finishes, and thoughtful design have transformed communal areas and cabinetry, creating a comforting and inviting environment. Witness the seamless fusion of aesthetics and practicality, carefully curated for the unique needs of senior residents at Parkland Lodge.”


The Hamlets, Vancouver Island

“Step into the world of bespoke Millwork at The Hamlets, a remarkable project by Blueleaf Care. Our dedication to precision and innovation shines through in the custom Millwork we supplied for this esteemed commercial venture. Partnering with Blueleaf Care, we meticulously crafted and installed tailored Millwork, reflecting a blend of functionality and aesthetic allure. Explore our gallery to witness how our expert woodworking and thoughtfully designed pieces have transformed spaces within The Hamlets. Discover the seamless integration of functionality and elegance, finely curated to elevate the overall experience for residents and visitors at The Hamlets.”

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