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farrell custom woodwork

Founded in 2016, Farrell Custom Woodwork brings forth a legacy of nearly two decades of expertise in the Millwork industry. Our journey has been guided by a passion for crafting exceptional woodwork that marries timeless elegance with contemporary functionality. Every piece we create embodies the culmination of years of honed skill, dedication to quality, and an innate understanding of wood's intricacies. We strive to exceed expectations, staying at the forefront of craftsmanship, design trends, and innovative techniques. At Farrell Custom Woodwork, we not only build custom wooden creations; we craft enduring experiences tailored to your unique vision and lifestyle.


We collaborate with a diverse range of clients seeking exquisite millwork solutions. Our clientele includes:


Homeowners: Individuals looking to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their homes with tailored millwork that complements their unique style.


Architects: Professionals in need of specialized millwork to bring their architectural designs to life, adding a touch of sophistication and precision to their projects.

Interior Designers: Creatives seeking custom millwork to seamlessly integrate into their interior design schemes, providing functional elegance to their envisioned spaces.

Builders and Contractors: Construction industry experts requiring high-quality millwork components to enrich the overall appeal and value of their construction projects.

Commercial Clients: Businesses and organizations seeking modern millwork solutions for retail spaces, offices, restaurants, and other commercial establishments, to elevate their brand image and customer experience.

We tailor our millwork solutions to the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring a seamless collaboration and the creation of timeless, exceptional pieces that surpass expectations.

farrell custom woodwork
farrell custom woodwork

Consultation: Share your vision and requirements with us.

Design Collaboration: Work with our team to refine and perfect your design.

Material Selection: Choose from our premium materials for your project.

Craftsmanship: Our skilled artisans bring your design to life with precision and care.

Quality Assurance: We rigorously ensure the final product meets our high standards.

Delivery/Installation: Your custom piece is delivered or installed to enhance your space.

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